Triple pencil sketch bonanza

Free time provides opportunity for quiz night, beverages… and pencil sketches. 

One challenge in the series of bar quizzes was to sketch a humorous accompanying image to an absurd story with the designated illustrator having the duration of the quiz to finish the composition.

According to a regional news outlet, a series of petty thefts had taken place on unsuspecting seaside tourists.

Perhaps unworthy news, but when one such thief took off with a modest stash of class A-drugs, the story made headlines.

The above result came up the winner on the night…

Next up, there’s plenty of excitement around the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in our daily lives.

In some quarters, this is cause for anxiety and concern as bots encroach on occupations traditionally held by humans.

This challenge was to portray an absurd instance of AI tech running a muck.

 Finally, illustrate the weirdest method of carrying books to and from school.