Bone Daddies School's Out

Bone Daddies T-shirts ready to rock

London-based rock’n’roll-inspired ramen restaurant chain, Bone Daddies, has received a T-shirt double-bill from Top League.

First up is a composition celebrating the collaboration between the popular ramen joint and Chu Lo Drinks.

Blending the rockin’ rebellious ethos of Bone Daddies with the Japanese-inspired illustrative signature of Chu Lo, the composition features the benevolent Daruma swirling out of a bowl of a noodle bowl, a handy chap to have around when planning an evening of feasting on ramen and playing video games.

Daruma later stepped aside for Bone Daddies’ very own Hiro character.

Next in line is a trophy piece styled exclusively for those budding Bone Daddies acolytes who have met the grade and high standards required for ramen chefs.

Bone Daddies School's Out

“This design was conceived as a homage to the old rebellious spirit of 1950s rock’n’roll.

“Throwing out the contemporary American preppy, collegiate trend of the time in favour of a new generation doing things their way,” explains Top League’s Charles Wythe.

“The concept follows on the mantra of being ‘too cool for school’.

The Bone Daddies graduates have cleared the course and it’s time celebrate!”

To date, the graduate T-shirts are planned for internal use, but popular demand might prevail. Top League also provided variations of the designs for Bone Daddies’ use.

Which are your favourites?