Ludacrust receives the signature Top League comic strip treatment

Inspired by Top League’s manga-style brand storyline for Chu Lo Drinks, the pizza aficionados at Ludacrust opted for the same.

“Ludacrust knew exactly the story they wanted to tell.

“Together, we decided on a five panel strip,” explained Top League director, Charles Wythe.

“Jumper Collins [Ludacrust director] supplied a paragraph of copy to accompany each panel, then Top League went to work.”

“Having the original copy first meant that we could play with ideas for the illustrations, the more ridiculous the better, and the more on brand.”

“With the Ludacrust creative loosely based around old school hip-hop, we treated the illustration with colour halftone evocative of the era of fanzines, music magazines and record sleeves.”

I’ve been making pizzas since I was a wee lad. There’d often be the old frozen mini pizzas in the family home freezer that I would do my best to pimp up by grating on some much needed cheese and trying out different dried herbs. Tough times.

After running away to join the Navy, I was exposed to more food variety than I ever imagined and became hooked on flavour. Navy chefs often struggled to create an impressive plate of food so I’d go looking for food wherever we pulled in.

After many visits to Italy – and the port town of Naples – I followed my nose to learn the secret skills of the Neapolitan pizza chefs.  Armed with a cool new camera, masquerading as a Tripadvisor, I gained access to the kitchens of some of the best pizzerias to watch the master pizzaiolos at work.

Back at sea, using an oven used for making parts for the F35 fighter jet, I’d sneak into the kitchen to make pizzas for some of my shipmates who would help steal toppings from the galley. In my makeshift pizza speakeasy, I honed my skills.

After 22 years on the seas, I’m revisiting my boyhood fantasy of being a cool, freestyle pizza chef. Combined with a penchant for hip-hop music. Ludacrust was born!

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