Hard-hitting brand identity in store for indie publisher Kapow Comics

Kapow Comics has unveiled its logo as part of its full branding visual identity to be created by Top League Brand Design.

Headed by comics creator Chooks Kapow, the start up is focusing firstly on publishing its indie graphic novels, encompassing both traditional print and online digital media.

With plans to expand into other areas of popular culture and entertainment, the super team up is bound to be a long and meaningful partnership.

“The Kapow Comics logo was designed with the ambitions of the company in mind,” explains Top League Brand Design.

“The logo lettering is evocative of the iconic comic-style visual sound effects made famous by classic American comics and cult 1960s television series.

“The letters extend beyond the edges of the canvas, capturing the ambition of Kapow Comics to push contemporary boundaries and go beyond.

“Its colour palette pays homage to the days of the super hero explosion, awash with bright primary colours making the books leap off the shelves.

“Retro video games, pop-art, comic books, super heroes, anime… we love all of that good stuff at Top League, so getting the chance to play a meaningful part in building Kapow Comics is incredibly exciting!”

Kapow Comic’s first project will be its flagship Double Snakes Universe IP.

Follow the development and creation of the Double Snakes Universe at the official website here.