Discover what’s in store at Another World

Top League Brand Design is proud to announce that the all-new Another World Costumes online store is live.

Created by Sarah Nicholls, the Another World specialises in designing and producing unique, premium and exquisitely handcrafted costumes for children as educational aids for teachers.

Last year, Sarah joined forces with Top League Brand Design to create the Another World visual identity and build its online store to showcase the first 40-piece range.

The Traditional Stories Collection boasts characters from timeless popular stories, classics and fairytales.

These include the Troll, Gingerbread Man, Owl, Black Cat, Pig and Wolf providing boundless opportunities for children to invent their own plays and stories.

The range consists of hats, tabards, dresses and capes which pair up to comprise full costumes and because Another World offers the facility to buy individual items separately enabling children to mix and match to invent their own unique characters.

“There were many factors to consider and include when building this collection,” explained Sarah.

“The costumes are easy to put on by simply placing them over clothes or on the head and, of course, every item had to pass rigorous safety standards before going to market.”

Top League Brand Design had this to say:

“You only have to look at these costumes to recognise that they’re something special.

“This initial Another World collection was conceived and designed entirely by Sarah herself and every item is unique and exclusively licensed to Another World.

“The costumes are also unique, one of a kind, and lovingly handcrafted and constructed in-house.

“These premium items are durable enough to endure the rigours that the children are certain to put them through and, when adequately cared for, will last years, meaning that they will retain their value.”

“They’re perfect for handing down to the next class of young students and those after them.”

Another World Costumes for Children are available to buy at the online store now.

You can also follow Another World on Facebook and Instagram.