InnoBev Awards 2023: Top League soda can designs reach final five

Crown printers have selected designs by Top League to represent them in the 2023 InnoBev Awards … and we’ve reached the finals.

Crown printers, one of the largest drinking can manufacturers in the world, selected two Chu Lo soda can designs for their entry in the category for the best non-alcoholic soda drinks can design in the esteemed Zenith awards for 2023.

Among Crown’s extensive line up of clients are Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Monster energy drinks.

Beating all the rest of Crown’s clients to be selected by the company was high praise enough, but reaching the final in which Top League faces off  with four other contenders for the top spot is welcome recognition.

The final will take place on 16 May when the overall winner will be announced.

It’s the second award final that Top League’s Chu Lo can designs have reached. In 2019, Chu Lo won the International Drink Expo Innovation Award for Design Excellence.

“The Chu Lo Tropical Sour can design was a fun project.”

“When brainstorming, we instantly thought of those commercials with swimsuit clad bronzed bodies, exotic beaches with shimmering blue sea and water-splashed fruit and decided to take things firmly in the opposite direction by turning it on its head.”

“Rather than whisking you away to the tropics, we chose to have the tropics come to us in the form of invading giant monsters, the type of which Japanese culture is famous.”

“In this way we transformed the tropical fruits into giant cartoon Kaiju monsters mindlessly lumbering towards the metropolis and terrifying the hapless citizens.”

“Chu Lo drinks are designed for gamers. Gaming is a huge industry including a broad range of people so we wanted to reflect that it the design of Cherry Sour.”

“With male and female characters are technologically augmented with bizarre technical headgear and plugged into the game and the drink.”

“The design focus was on the busy gadgetry – the more absurd, the better.”

The intricacy of the headgear would be complimented with a simple magenta colour scheme, lifted with the sparing and calculated application of green.