Chu Lo launches ‘Fuel for Gamers’ online campaign

Chu Lo has announced its ‘Fuel for Gamers’ social media campaign aimed at further establishing the soft drink’s association with the gamers and the video game industry.

Cleverly utilising fan art and video game tropes, the campaign comprises an extensive collection of graphics for viral sharing on social media aimed at growing a committed online following among the brand’s target audience.

Produced by Top League Brand Design, which also designed the branding and packaging for the award-winning Chu Lo brand, the collection capitalises on contemporary and retro video games spanning decades and humorously incorporating Chu Lo drink cans and references.

“These graphics are fan art produced by gamers for gamers,” explained Top League Brand Design.

“Most people should recognise the references to the best known video games.

“Gamers, on the other hand, are likely to recognise even the more obscure games referenced from 40 years of video gaming.

fuel for gamers

“The video game industry now plays a huge role in shaping popular culture and generates a revenue that now far exceeds that of the film industry.

“As a result, it’s entered, at times, in to controversial territory challenging social norms and pushing cultural boundaries.

“Naturally, the Chu Lo ‘Fuel for Gamers’ campaign is bound to retain some of that intrepid edginess – it’s par for the course.”

Follow the campaign on Instagram at chulo_drinks.