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My name is Charles Wythe. I’m an award-winning Senior Creative Designer and Illustrator with eighteen years in the industry. My professional experience spans typography, animation, copywriting, web development, e-commerce and social media as a marketing tool. This enables me to bring together a considerable skill stack and deliver comprehensive solutions to creative projects.

My work has been recognised by esteemed organisations including the D&AD Awards and my determination to push the boundaries of technology has also earned international praise. I’m accustomed to fulfilling projects alone and revel in the opportunity to work together with like-minds to produce something extra special. The following is a brief overview of my experience and achievements to date.


Creating brands that bring great results... and accolades

Trading as Top League Creative, I worked directly with agencies and clients on brand design and marketing projects, managing all aspects from start to finish. This process would involve keenly identifying the goals, then producing and presenting three creative routes, before delivering the finished product.
Branding projects regularly included overall conception, logo development and brand DNA guidelines. If the client required a website or online store, I would construct it in WordPress and Woocommerce or Shopify, and present the client with a prospective e-commerce strategy to drive traffic. 

One such client was Chu Lo Drinks. I designed the branding and packaging which won several awards and nominations, and was showcased in the finalist of Gordon Ramsay’s 2022 Future Food Stars – Series 1 television show broadcast on the BBC. During this time too, my pushing the boundaries of the printing process prompted an internal executive decision at Crown canning to use the cans they had printed with my design to represent their company in the Zenith International Beverage Awards, earning them second place overall.
The positive exposure earned contracts from other beverage producers
including AG Barr.

Key responsibilities

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Size doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or an independent start up, the fundamentals of how a great brand is built are the same. It’s simply a matter of scale. Here are some of the satisfied clients we have worked with over the years.

What people are saying

We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the very best creative marketing solution – but enough from us, here’s what people are saying about Top League Creative.

"Top League Creative revolutionised our online marketing and shopping system. Working closely together we were also able to significantly improve our communication with our customers around the world and build a significant and ongoing base of new customers."
"Top League Creative has played a crucial role in conceiving our brand and building our business from the ground up."
"Thanks to the insightful analysis and strategic planning and outstanding design from Charles at Top League Creative, we've been able to build an award winning brand with a keen emphasis on goals for Frank Finance which has really helped focus and motivate our team."
"I have relied entirely on Top League Creative for our entire branding package, from business cards to packaging, they have provided an excellent service and produced award-winning designs which stand out in a busy marketplace."